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Based in Shepparton, Victoria Pro Towing provides towing services for all kinds of vehicles including cars, trucks, small machinery, heavy machinery, caravan, vintage cars, boats, and industrial equipment towing services in and across Australia.

Best and efficient towing Victoria

Our company is well-versed in towing and transportation of automobiles and equipment, as well as the removal of unwanted vehicles. Our truck is always ready for action and comes with all the necessary tools. Through the years, Victoria Pro Towing has offered the people of Victoria with dependable and low-cost towing services. We’ve built a strong reputation as Victoria’s go-to towing service because of our hard work and expert team. We are committed to providing timely service and are happy to adapt to your specific needs. When it comes to Towing and Recovery, Victoria Pro Towing has everything you need. Get in touch with us now to get professional and affordable towing services in and across regional Victoria.

Affordable and Expert Towing Shepperton

When it comes to transporting vehicles of all shapes and sizes, no one does it better than Victoria Pro Towing because of their extensive experience, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge tools. If you need to move your vehicle quickly because of an unexpected breakdown, you have a unique project that needs to be completed, or you are attending a significant trade show. No action is too large or tiny. For trustworthy and budget-friendly Towing services in Shepparton contact us now.

Reliable and efficient towing Melbourne

Victoria Pro Towing has been in business for years, giving them plenty of time to learn the ins and outs of machinery and equipment transport of any size. Many of Australia’s most reputable rental and leasing companies rely on us for a variety of services. Smaller businesses can also rely on us to transmit their equipment and machinery. We are one of the best towing service providers in Melbourne.

Get in touch with us to get hassle-free and safe towing services in Melbourne. Just give us ring and we will handle everything.

Trustworthy and safe Towing Goulburn valley

For the construction sector, sporting events, special projects, and significant industry fairs and events, Victoria Pro Towing is the go-to provider of towing and transport services for Australia’s top equipment & machinery hire and rental professionals. We also provide small companies with portable building transportation, including site offices and containers.

Operators at Victoria Pro Towing have the training and expertise to perform a variety of specialized towing and transportation services, including salvage and recovery, towing from parking garages with height restrictions, clearway towing, breakdown assistance, and customized transport. You can make any kind of move you want…

We are the best Towing service providers in Goulburn valley. Call us now to avail best towing services.

Victoria Pro Towing is a huge and reputable towing and transport firm that serves all of Australia around the clock, every day of the year out of Melbourne, Shepparton, Goulburn Valley, Victoria, and other locations.

Our vehicles are equipped with the latest safety gear.

After each pick-up, the vehicles we use are wiped down and cleaned. In addition, cutting-edge security features and sufficient safety gear are included in the tow truck. To further ensure trouble-free and smooth delivery, a high-end tie-down system is mounted to the vehicles. The best thing about using our service is that it is available around the clock, so our tow truck drivers are available whenever you need them. Our quality, safety, and environmental management systems have all received international standards certification to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001. Every site, operation, and department must pass monthly internal and annual external audits to ensure compliance with the systems that help the company identify, assess, evaluate, and control risk; manage compliance; identify and promote best practices; standardize processes for maximum efficiency. When it comes to emergencies, we all know how vulnerable we are. Emergencies never give us advance warning before they manifest in the most severe manner possible. Our tow truck services are designed to handle urgent situations efficiently, and we are available to assist you whenever you need us.


A Quality Customer Service

We always try to meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations through superior customer service.

Constant Support Available at Any Time

With our modern fleet and tools, we’re able to offer Victoria’s fastest and most reliable towing services anytime, day or night.

Training of Staff

We provide staff with regular training and instructions.

Tracking through GPS

Each of our service vans is equipped with a GPS tracking device.

Victoria Pro Towing provides the best towing services throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

We’re here for you whenever you need us, any day of the week. The areas we serve for pickup and delivery are extensive. Are you aware that the state of Victoria requires a license for towing? Tow truck drivers for legitimate companies must be appropriately licensed and certified. All our operators are accredited.

Whether you’ve been in an accident or simply need to move some heavy machinery or a car, give Victoria Pro Towing a call at XXXXXXXXXX for more information on our towing services or to book a towing service. Get in touch with us now.

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