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For years, Victoria Pro Towing has served Victoria with professional towing services. Once a one-truck operation, we now have a fleet of vehicles and a staff of highly qualified professionals that are available around the clock to provide emergency towing services throughout Melbourne and the neighboring areas.

To safely transport boats, you need to hire experts who have been trained in occupational health and safety (OH&S) protocols. When it comes to towing, here at Victoria Pro Towing, we put safety first. Entrust your boat to the experienced hands at Victoria Pro Towing.

Towing Services for Boats

We are a reliable boat towing service providers in Victoria that can get your boat where it needs to go quickly. There are options for both enclosed and open-back vehicles. Victoria Pro Towing can carry your boat, yacht, or small boat from any dry dock, dock, wreckers, or storage facility to any location in the country. All around mainland Australia, we can deliver boats with ease and expertise. We hold our drivers fully responsible by using cutting-edge GPS monitoring and data dispatching technologies. Get in touch with us immediately.

Towing Small Boats and Yachts

Our boat towing staff can handle jobs of any size. Victoria Pro Towing is here to help you move your mooring or transfer your boat to and from events including regattas, races, and boat shows.

Towing Services for Boats and Trailers

If you need help moving your boat trailer, we can do that, too. We can transport your boat and trailer to its final destination, be it a storage facility, a wrecking yard, or a repair facility. To have your boat and trailer towed safely, call Victoria Pro Towing now.

Towing Services for Boats and Trailers

Here at Victoria Pro Towing, we have years of experience transporting boats. Each of our drivers has been hand-picked because of their proven dedication to ethical and professional standards in the towing industry. When you hire us for boat transportation, you can expect real-time updates thanks to our cutting-edge data transmission and GPS tracking systems. Victoria Pro Towing is committed to providing a safe, reliable, and accountable towing service for our customers, and we have years of expertise in the industry in addition to the most recent standard practices in boat carrying.

Towing a boat is not the same as towing a standard car, as they are specialized vehicles that require specialized towing.  This will guarantee that the vehicle will be delivered safely and securely. Please don’t use your vehicle to move them yourself.

If you need a tow anywhere in Victoria, Victoria Pro Towing offers trained drivers and flatbed trucks to get the job done. Towing a boat is a potentially dangerous task.  During the process of towing, we will take any and all precautions necessary to protect not only your vehicle but also the people and other vehicles in the area. The benefits of working with us include:

Skilled professionals in the field of towing
Transport that is risk-free
The right kind of safety measures
Acquiring necessary authorizations and following all rules & regulations
Towing that is timely
If you need a boat towed in Melbourne, you can count on us for the best service. The following are some of the types of boats that our crew can transport:

Wave runners
Trailers for jet skis
Trailers for boats
Jet skis and more...

Victoria Pro Towing is determined to provide you with excellent service at affordable rates. You can reach us at 03 5858 4544 or Vicprotowing with any questions you may have or to make a booking for boat towing services.

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