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We’re aware of the fact that automobiles aren’t always dependable. Every vehicle, no matter how new, is susceptible to experiencing a sudden failure. Give us a call at any time, even if it is three in the morning, and we will dispatch our tow trucks to any location within Melbourne and Victoria, regardless of the nature of the emergency.

You have the option of requesting that we tow your vehicle to either your own residence, the residence of a friend, or even to the location of your mechanic. If you do not know any trustworthy mechanics, we will suggest you to one of our most reliable mechanics in your area and assist you in transporting your vehicle to that location.

Melbourne drivers can count on us for emergency roadside assistance. If your car has broken down but doesn’t need to be towed, our roadside assistance technicians will come check it out and offer solution. There will be occasions when this is the more affordable choice. Or, sometimes, low-cost towing is the best option for your vehicle. This is case-by-case dependent.

Call us at 03 5858 4544 right away if you ever find yourself wondering “how can I find a tow truck near me.” Our towing service is connected with numerous tow truck companies all throughout Melbourne, so we can quickly dispatch the closest one to your location.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Specialized Tow Truck Providers?

There are numerous reasons why you should select us over other tow truck providers in Melbourne.

Why Should You Choose Us

Your Specialized Tow Truck Providers?

There are numerous reasons why you should select us over other tow truck providers in Melbourne.

1. Affordable Towing in Melbourne

We are the most cost-effective option for towing in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. We promise you'll be pleased with our low prices. Please supply us with a written estimate from another towing company and we will gladly beat it by 5% if it is lower than ours.

2. Best customer service

Tow truck drivers are taught to treat customers with the utmost dignity and respect as part of our commitment to provide the best service possible. We guarantee a pleasant and stress-free experience with our towing service.

3. Reliable and quick towing services

To top it all off we provide flexible payment choices and a lightning-fast response time for all towing requests.

4. You Get to Choose Your Destination for Towing

When you get your vehicle towed, you get to decide where you want it to go. If you need your automobile removed from the streets of Melbourne and delivered to your home, to a friend's, or to your mechanic, we can do that. Specify your needs, and we will do our best to meet them.

5. Emergency Response

We are here to assist you with any emergency towing requirements that may arise at any time of the day. To ensure your safety on the road, we work around the clock, 365days of the year. We have the best tow trucks in Melbourne and are available 24x7.

6. We can tow any kind of vehicle

You may count on us to tow your car, van, bus, lorry, truck, boat, or forklift, regardless of size. When it comes to towing, we can handle any job, no matter how big or small.

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